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to his great credit . .

April 28, 2014

For all the difficulties experienced since last year, to his great credit, Obama has not thrown constituents under the bus in an attempt to get legislation done at all costs.  While I utterly understand and supported Clinton’s triangulation a la Dick Morris, with the welfare reform act, a major constituency **felt** that they were thrown under the bus for political reasons.  Again, let me repeat: welfare reform was needed.  It’s just that the **perception** was such that certain folks on the left and the policies they represented were . .  well you know what I mean.  But, Obama had not done so. . . . and, while on Obama, there’s a certain narrative taking hold about how he’s handling the Putin\Ukraine situation that, even I often believe, is compelling.  But, if you step back and think about **how** he’s approaching the matter, I can actually fathom a method to this madness, and, for this reason, am willing to cut him slack.  But, I do think he’s cutting it much too close.  PS: I think I got my campaign web-site in the shape I finally want it . . . whew!