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careful, steady as she goes . . .

February 15, 2011

The unfolding events in Middle East spreading like wildfire from Tunisia to Egypt and further eastward to Iran point to one thing: when America leads by example, the world follows.

No doubt, decades upon decades of economic and political frustration simmering below the surface finally came to a boil, and this is main reason for the wave of people-power arching through the Middle East.

But what (or more precisely who) was the inspiration behind all this, if even unstated?

Barak Obama.

Or, the idea that Barak Obama represents.  That democracy and freedom work.

Millions upon million of young adults upon hearing of Obama’s election to the highest position in the United States must have had a “whoa” moment and thought something along the lines of, “Whoa, the land of the so-called Great Satan voted a man whose coloring is like mine, with a name like Barak ‘Hussein’ Obama?” The implied predicate: that perhaps all that many in the Middle East have been taught about the US was and is not so.

While there was no overt or even immediate embrace of the American brand –  it doesn’t work that way – many excited by Barak’s election must have tucked away in their hearts and memory banks the idealism Obama’s election represented, in hopes of drawing on it some day for themselves.

If it can happen there, why not here in the Middle East, many must have asked themselves.

Thus, the loosening of mortar of the wall separating people from their hopes and aspiration.

We can never loudly proclaim the above lest we spoil the moment.  And what reward there is to speak of will simply be paid in knowing glances and subtle hints of appreciation.  That is enough.


Commemorate Reagan

February 4, 2011

The 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan is fast approaching.  I hope the nation can celebrate it with some special announcement.  A special edition dollar coin with Reagan on it perhaps?  Something.  Let’s do something to honor this great American President.