tea party = republican front

New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote a piece this morning in which he favorably compared the Tea Party Movement with the New Left civil right/anti-war movement that emerged in the 1960s, at least with respect to methods.

Oh for gawds sake, David.  The Tea Party is a Republican front.  Nothing less, nothing more.

Maybe the bulk of folks in it are independents — but the Tea Party leadership is outright Republican and anti-Democrat.  It’s led by the very same Republicans who said nothing, did nothing while GW Bush went merrily on his spending spree.

When the so-called Tea Party kicks out those “said nothing, did nothing” Republicans from the top echelons and invites Democrats, then I’ll perk up and listen. ‘Til then, fogettaboutit.

It’s just another arrow in the Republican quiver against Democrats.

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One Response to “tea party = republican front”

  1. Sam Says:

    The tea party was started and is funded by a couple of Texas senators and congressman fronting foreign hedge fund money from right wing groups in England and Europe as well as with groups in the US that range from the Birch wing of the party to fascist leaning libertarians. If the average tea party person was to stop and think why are the same millionaires who brought down our economy now serving up tea? The next question should be apart from hate and fear, what is in the tea and which end of the elephant did it trickle out of . It is very much like the Munich beer hall movement of the 1920s only this time Rush is the dictator.

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