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embarassing, yes, but not like mathias rust

November 30, 2009

Remember when Mathias Rust flew his plane from West Germany to Finland to Moscow back in 1987?  He parked that baby right in the middle of Red Square, of all places.  Now that caused damage of monumental proportions, to the old Soviet regime at least.  So, yeah, the intrusion into the White House party embarrassed the Secret Service and maybe even President Obama (though I doubt it); but, in the end, it wasn’t damaging like what Mathias Rust did over twenty years ago. . . . But in the meantime let’s tighten up the security.


proud of obama

November 16, 2009

I do not know the details of what President Obama said in China yesterday, but from what I am reading in the papers, I think his think history will look back at the talk about the Internet is as a signature moment. [note: update December 15, 2009]