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100 days

April 24, 2009

“I think Obama has done a great job of putting us in the right mood. We can argue the policy details or minor mis-steps like the Chavez thing — as pundits, politicians, and policy wonks will certainly do. But in Obama we see we’ve got a leader who’s doing things (maybe even experimenting) within reason to get us out of our funk with respect to the economy and global issues like the war on terror or g’warming. Had McCain won you would have seen more of the same that we’ve seen, well, since 1980. On global warming, all others either said there isn’t a problem, there might be a problem, or there’s a problem but I’m not going ‘to the mat’. On terrorism, others would say pass the ammo, maybe talk later. The point is that in Obama we see a level-headed guy who’s trying his hardest to solve deep-seated problems the magnitude of which all of us know will grow even more if we continue with half-measures of the past. So, 100 days into Obama’s term, we’re hopeful, saying, ‘Finally!'”

(note: originally posted on CBS’ Facebook page in response to a query on assessing Obama’s first 100 days)


european vacation

April 2, 2009

Come on!  What’s not to like about the President and First Lady’s trip to Europe this week?  Having Europe and the world over warmly receive the both of them like they did makes you optimistic, that while we might be down economy-wise, soon enough, if we all stay positive and stick to a good plan, we’ll all have our game back and everything is going to be all right.  And, leading the pack through it all will be the good old U-S-A.