kudos to secretary of state clinton

Kudos all around to Madame Secretary of State Clinton.  She’s handling the relationship with the Peoples Republic of China as she must, not as activists like Amnesty International would like.  She made her point about what we as Americans value, but was also clear that we must be strategic in pursuing this.  Without a doubt, what China does to throttle peoples’  freedom is reprehensible, and in my estimation will ultimately hurt social and economic progress there.  But, at the end of the day, China is a major power, and, as we expect from them, must be treated as such.  We can’t wish it away, from the global financial markets and trade, competition for scarce resources, Africa, the war on terror, etc.  We will need China in our corner as President Obama reaches out to the muslim world, which might be tested soon somewhere in and around the shared borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  To paraphrase (or mangle) John Lewis Gaddis’ thesis, our means must be in proportion to and ultimately serve our ends.


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