. . . turning and turning in the widening gyre . . .

Yes, if nothing is done, terrible consequences will in all likelihood ensue, although I would argue that what is at stake is the magnitude of change, not change itself.  Having said that, President Obama should tone down his rhetoric.  The President should never utter “catastrophe” or words that suggest the “center cannot hold” and “all is lost.” We look to our President for steely resolve.  Loose rhetoric not only undermines the urgency of the moment but casts a long shadow of doubt that may prove difficult getting out from underneath.  Let me put it this way: I doubt Lincoln or Roosevelt,  or even Kennedy during the Bay of Pigs chortled “catastrophe.”


One Response to “. . . turning and turning in the widening gyre . . .”

  1. Randolph Mase Says:

    Well stated, and I agree with you…catastrophe is such a catastophic word. Also, President Obama talked about not playing politics, yet he mentioned several times about the policies of the last 8 years. Isn’t that playing politics?

    Randolph Mase, Fiction Writer

    My Novels:
    Death on Broadway
    Death Beneath the Streets
    Death in Central Park
    Death in The Cloisters (under construction)
    Nathan Hale

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