obama e-mails dri . . .ving . . .me . . . nuts

Jeesh . . . will they quit it already!  Day after day after day of e-mails from barakobama.com.  Will someone please tell them the election is over, Obama won, and was sworn in not so long ago.  Twice! Yeah, I know – I can simply get off their lists.  But that’s beside the point, especially since others are also getting mindlessly spammed by obama.com.  The point is: quit it and just govern the dang country.  Or, for heavens sake, just limit it to one e-mail every three months, if they must. Earth to mars: there is something called a “web-site,” a resource on the “in-ter-net” where people can turn for information. This eternal campaigning is so 1990s.


One Response to “obama e-mails dri . . .ving . . .me . . . nuts”

  1. jarnco Says:

    Voice Of Conservative America just visited your blog

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