i think . . . and hope obama wins

I think. . . and hope that Obama wins.  I still stand by my initial assessment of a number of polls, which to me indicated that the race was tightening as early as mid-October.  So far every newspaper report I’ve read confirms what I wrote ten days ago on October 20.

We must still be on guard.  I’m casting a wary eye toward Pennsylvania, by the way, because I think that state could go McCain for reasons I wrote about.

But why I think Obama will win really comes down to this: there seems to be a “jump the shark” quality to McCain’s campaign.  So many easily avoidable silly things.  This is not a lament, by the way.  I’m glad he did those things . . . like pick Palin . . . absolutely no upside to this decision whatsoever . . . skip past Romney . . . whew . . . Romney exudes a certain steadiness, and that combined with his resume certainly would have made him a formidable veep . . . like i said, “whew” . . . $150,000 on clothes . . . Joe the Plumber . . . silly things like calling Obama a “socialist”.

I think people sense this “jump the shark ” quality, a certain ickiness that I think will persuade enough middle-of-the-road undecided moderates and independents to go with the one who seems the most steady, Barak Obama.

Funny . .  but I think that’s what our democracy eventually comes down to: what qualities do candidates project, not what are their policies.

In any event, this’ll be a historic vote: I for one am going to take my digital camera into the booth to photo my ballot before I turn it in.


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