obama wins big in south carolina — a not unexpected victory

Senator Barak Obama scored a much-needed victory over his leading opponent for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton, in what amounts to a not unexpected victory for the Senator from Illinois. As early as July, I argued that, if recent history was any indication, Barak stood a strong chance of winning in the palmetto state. It remains to be seen if tonight’s victory will generate enough momentum to crash the walls of California and New York, whose primaries are coming up in over a week. Clinton is the strong favorite in these states. If you ask me, the more interesting development is the recent endorsement of Barak by Caroline Kennedy. Why, you ask, did she do this? I think it partly has a lot to do with Hillary Clinton’s mis-reading of US history and civil rights. Clinton said that the Lyndon B. Johnson was the necessary predicate to the work of MLK, Jr. and the Southern Leadership Conference in passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act. As I recall my history books, the tragic assassination of JFK had a lot to do with LBJ’s success in getting the law passed, and I believe this was a point that LBJ specifically made.


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