by the way . . .

By the way, did anyone notice that Obama’s campaign announced its whopping $25 million in campaign contributions on Wednesday, April 4, which, coincidentally, is the same day Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated almost 40 years ago?

. . . . Speaking of campaign contributions, you can bet the chattering classes are smirking over the amount collected by Obama, largely because it falls neatly into the popular narrative in which the many “little guys” (i.e. Barak and his minions) fight mightily against “big bad” powerful elites (i.e. Hillary and Bill Clinton and the coterie of people and interests surrounding them) .

Nothing new about this. It’s a bread-and-butter play in our play-book against Republicans. More importantly, this narrative is a defining feature of our nation — a place where ordinary men and women can overcome great odds to make this a more perfect union.

So, the fact that Barak Obama can raise $25 million in 2007 from over 100,000 supporters or Howard Dean could tap the internet to raise significant sums in 2004 says a lot about the health of our democracy and the resilience of the grassroots.

A vibrant grassroots — a diverse pool of exceptional candidates in Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Richardson, etc. Indeed, MLK, Jr. must be smiling from his perch in heaven as he looks down and scans what’s going on in the United States of America.

But, as we all know, we still have a long way to go.


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