A++ for clinton

The identity of the person behind the infamous “1984” video against Hillary Clinton has been a mystery since the Youtube ad first came out in February. Until now, that is.

Huffingtonpost put out an all-points bulletin recently and succeeded in fingering the perp. Judging by high-fives on that and other blogs, as well as east coast-to-west coast media coverage, Parkridge47 (aka Phil De Vellis) has earned his place in the political advertising hall of fame for producing “1984”, putting him in the company of the famous (Daisy) and the infamous (Willie Horton).

Yet, Parkridge47 won’t be alone as he takes his well-earned victory lap around the figurative track of blog write-ups and interviews on morning TV and evening news: Hillary Clinton will also be taking a well-deserved victory lap right next to Parkridge47.

Time will show that what started out as an innovative (and admittedly humorous) attempt at demonizing Clinton as a gross Big Brother caricature, ultimately backfired. Instead of going ballistic, Clinton and her team kept calm, even showing an ability to genuinely laugh at themselves about this and Youtube generally.

About “1984”, ABC News Jake Tapper quotes Clinton as saying, “I’m pleased that it seems to be taking attention away from what used to be on YouTube and getting a lot of hits, namely me singing ‘The Star Spangled Banner.’ Everybody in the world now knows I can’t carry a tune.”

Through it all, Clinton showed class and, as important, Character. And it is this that the vast majority of Democrats will remember come primary season 2008.


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