ouch . . . .

I hope Hillary’s team keeps their wit and don’t lose their cool over this or any other video anonymously posted on Youtube. Likewise for the other candidates who, sooner or later, will get their Youtube moment. . . . Yes, the advertisement is a clever take on my generation’s big TV ad, and, taken at face value, it is humorous in a sly way. And, yes, I did notice the emblem on the shirt.

What troubles me about this is the ease with which we can dehumanize someone and, in so doing, replace thoughtful discourse with images that appeal to our base instincts. Nothing new about that, you might say. After all, Republicans cornered this market. But we’re not them, and we don’t want to be like them. All candidates should make an impassioned statement against the kind of politics this video represents and for a kind of politics that elevates through enlightened discourse in which ideas and policies are debated in an atmosphere of tolerance, respect and fair play.

Our Party’s mantra going forward should be to agree or disagree without being disagreeable, because, come November 2008 after all the primaries and caucuses are done, we’re going to need each other.

Postscript: A number of people have posted the above video on Youtube but, judging by the number of viewers of “Parkridge47’s” version of the file, I’m guessing this person might have originally posted the video. I read several books about Hillary (“Rebels with White Gloves” is a great book), so “Park Ridge” sounded vaguely familiar. A quick Google search confirmed my hunch; Park Ridge is Hillary’s Illinois hometown. I’m guessing she was born in 1947. I wonder if Parkridge47 is officially affiliated with any campaign.


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